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 Active Protection Serum SPF 20 with Olive Oil of Greece 30 ml Out Of Stock
A holistic approach to combat photo-aging of the skin. The balanced formula includes: SPF 20, optima..
Effective serum to combat skin hyperpigmentation such as freckles, sun spots, age spots and a darker..
 Detergent Milk with Olive Oil of Greece 150 ml Out Of Stock
Care for delicate skin with an exceptionally gentle cleansing action. It perfectly removes makeup an..
 Express Comfort Day Cream for normal and dry skin with Olive Oil of Greece 50 ml Out Of Stock
Rich and nourishing cream that protects the skin from dehydration, counteracts the loss of elasticit..
 Eye contour cream with Olive Oil of Greece 30 ml Out Of Stock
An innovative formula created to combat dark circles, puffiness and signs of stress and fatigue in t..
The Bulgarian Rose Cream for the eye contour has a fast absorption, deeply moisturizes and smoothes ..
It deeply cleanses the skin, preserves its moisture, makes it soft, supple and smooth...
 "Rosebud" glycerine soap 35 gr. Out Of Stock
Glycerine soap with the shape of a rosebud.It deeply cleanses the skin, preserves its moisture, make..
Sweet and delicate bubble bath for daily body hygiene. Effective without ruining the physiological b..
The Gift set is a gift pack consisting of 3 pieces, 3 balls of soap with roses of Bulgaria...
The fast and thin absorbing formula instantly tones up and ensures softness and comfort.Contains UVA..
Moisturizing cream that smoothes the skin of the hands giving a feeling of comfort, making them youn..
 Hair Mask 500 ml Out Of Stock
Highly concentrated cream, particularly suitable for the dry hair treatments, dry, bleached, frizzy,..
Fluyd Black Glaze is a liquid wax with strong hold, restores color to gray hair making it shiny and ..
Nourishes hair with polish and moisturizing effect, modeling strand by strand without limits, guaran..
Biphasic 150 ml Out Of Stock
Moisturizing spray Biphasic with immediate effect without rinsing.Ideal for frizzy, dry and rebellio..
Black Wax restores color to gray hair formulated to model, ensuring a look disheveled, leaves hair s..
Curlok is a modeling treatment that intensifies the natural texture, giving hold and control to the ..
Glycerine soap with Chocolate & Milk fragrance gently cleanses the skin delicately, retains its ..
Glycerine soap with Exotic fragrance gently cleanses the skin delicately, retains its moisture, make..
 Eau de Parfum for Man with Roses 60 ml Out Of Stock
Overwhelming aroma for men, which radiates elegance, respect and prestige and at the same time gives..
 Man Set "Royal Rose" - Moisturizing Cream, Men's Cream and Aftershave New
Set for Man composed of:MOISTURIZING CREAM 30 ml- Face cream for men with Royal Rose, Argan light fo..
 Shaving cream 500 ml Out Of Stock
Highly concentrated cream that replaces the normal shaving soap, prevents irritation caused by the u..
Aftershave soothing gel for men Bulgarian rose oil...
Liquid soap for beard cleanses gently without damaging the structure of the beard's hair with pH 5.5..
Light moisturizer that prevents the signs of skin aging, enriched with highly effective components.I..
A unique and overwhelming aroma that offers a combination of elegance and finesse. The eternal and e..
Explosion of beauty and freshness!A seductive fragrance of the queen of flowers, the Bulgarian Damas..
Eau de perfume with roses 2.1 ml Out Of Stock
A Damascene Rose fragrance, explosion of beauty and freshness that seduces with the scent of the que..
Enchanting fragrance containing a concentrated energy drop of the exceptional Bulgarian rose oil, fr..