Day Care

Day Care
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Active Protection Serum SPF 20 with Olive Oil of Greece 30 ml

A holistic approach to combat photo-aging of the skin. The balanced formula includes: SPF 20, optima..


Express Comfort Day Cream for normal and dry skin with Olive Oil of Greece 50 ml

Rich and nourishing cream that protects the skin from dehydration, counteracts the loss of elasticit..


Pefector day cream for normal and oily skin with Greek Olive Oil 50 ml

This luxurious formula is quickly absorbed by instant comfort and care. Its combination of active in..


Day Cream with Roses 50 ml

Soft day face cream with natural ingredients and soothing and protective properties. It contains a u..


Probiotic day cream with collagen New

Probiotic day cream with collagen

The probiotic day cream with Yogurt It protects against harmful external influences on the envi..