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Probiotic cream for hands regenerating with Yogurt 75 ml

Moisturizing cream that smoothes the skin of the hands giving a feeling of comfort, making them youn..


Probiotic protective serum SPF 20 with Yogurt 35 ml

Probiotic face serum with Yogurt to combat photo-aging of the skin. The balanced formula provides SP..


Probiotic Ultra Lifting Face Serum 35 ml

Velvety and silky serum for the face, rich in high concentration of extremely efficient components: ..


Yogurt Face Detergent Probiotic Gel 230 ml

Soft gel to clean your face perfectly and gently. Suitable for all types of skin, dry, sensitive and..


Anti-age probiotic eye cream with Yogurt 40 ml

Extremely effective ultra-light cream that counteracts the first signs of aging without irritating t..


Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream with Yogurt Probiotic 50 ml

Natural cream for a lively, elastic and youthful skin that combines the unique action of two unique ..


Cream Yoghurt soap 100 gr.

Delicate formula that guarantees a reliable cleaning and at the same time a care for the skin thanks..


Lip stick with "Yogurt" Stick 5 ml

Stick lips protective for all seasons, moisturizes and gives them shine protecting them from chappin..


Probiotic day cream with collagen New

Probiotic day cream with collagen

The probiotic day cream with Yogurt It protects against harmful external influences on the envi..


Probitic Aqua Expert Concentrate Yogurt 150 ml

The synergy of the powerful moisturizing complex (hyaluronic acid and 8% urea), in collaboration wit..


Revival Antibiotic Shampoo with Yogurt 230 ml

Extremely sweet shampoo with a formula developed to prevent hair loss, gently cleanses, gives vitali..


Super Moisturizing probiotic Body Lotion 230 ml Out Of Stock

Super Moisturizing probiotic Body Lotion 230 ml

Sweet moisturizing body lotion with active components with a rich consistency but easily absorbed. T..


Tonifying Gel Probiotic Yogurt Face 230 ml

Delicate gel for the skin of the body, a perfect combination of cleansing with incredible sensation ..


Yogurt Probiotic Face Cream 100 ml

Face cream with a light and tender consistency with extremely effective ingredients for the fight ag..


Yogurt Set - Body Lotion, Hand Cream and Lip Balm New

Yogurt Set - Body Lotion, Hand Cream and Lip Balm

The probiotic set of yogurt with natural rose oil includes:BODY LOTION 230 ml - super moisturizing p..